Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Excited for Socktober Give Away!!!!

Hello All! Hope you're having a good end to your summer!

We're working on our Fall class schedule. Sign up here for our next e-newsletter! It should be available in the next few weeks.

Our downtown Lancaster shop has packed up and moved. Come see us at our new location at 3519 Old Philadelphia Pike in Intercourse, PA. We're open 6 days a week. Monday - Saturday 9AM - 6PM. Join us Thursday evenings between 6 & 8 p.m. for a drop in knit & crochet group. Bring your own coffee, sometimes there's wine to share! More info at

Owner, Wendy is still knitting the spot check socks, almost through the second sock! She cast on a sweater that will be a Christmas gift--so we'll be vague about it, except to say how much she loves her Addi turbo needles ! She's got a few shop samples underway, too (of course!). Among other things, she's working on a long, narrow scarf in Schulana kid-seta, a mohair & silk blend. Wendy finished up a couple of ballband dish cloths in TSC Cotton Classic that LYS carries. 2 skeins made 2 dishcloths in that pattern, and a third in a simple stripe.

Rachel-Marie has been knitting on her chevron socks and can't wait to dye new colorways! She specializes in "confetti style" patterns, and likes to watch the different colors pop up in her stitches. She's also been dyeing bamboo, organic cotton, alpaca, and wool. Keeping LYS customers entertained with new colors and textures. This knitty dirty girl keeps track of her upcoming projects very carefully here in her Ravelry notebook.

We're still working on our part of the world's longest scarf! This project is sponsored by Heifer International and Keep the We've got two scarves going; one is a corriedale wool from a farm up in Denver, PA, and the other is a worsted alpaca from Kur-Del Farm in New Holland. Stop in to knit a row or two for this great cause! Your donation of one dollar a row will support an international effort to safeguard rare fiber producing animals!

Wendy is knitting a square for the Poetry Society 'Knit a Poem' project. Check out their website:

Are you ready for Socktober? The newest season sweeping the hipster and savvy knitting community? We're planning a month of fun, funky sock-y love! Break out those DPNs and try magic loop! To get you all excited about socks in time for this special month we're running a special give away!

Post a sock related comment on this blog and you might win
the pictured set of KnittyDirtyGirl sock yarn +
matching ball of Ballad for heel and toe +
Addi 40" #1 needles + Favorite Socks Book.

(7-29 revised) We'll use a random number generator to pick a name for the drawing on October 24 and contact the winner! Make sure to leave a way for us to get in touch with you.

Sock Related Comment example:
I just love knitting socks Magic Loop style on Addi knitting needles. They go so fast. I'm looking forward to Socktober!

Okay, more blogs soon. Rachel-Marie has lots of bloggity things to share with you! =)

Knit On!
Lancaster Yarn Shop Staff


  1. Wow. You guys really are keeping busy over there!

    Rachel-Marie's sock yarns are so pretty. I can just imagine how great that yarn would look knit up as a pair of Retro Rib socks!

  2. What a fun idea! I'm ready to knit some socks as soon as my shawl is done, and I just love those colors :-)

  3. Rachel-Marie's Yarn is so pretty!! I've been drooling over that book for months. I'm currently knitting Cookie A's Hedera socks from Knitty and Marlene from Knit.1 winter 2008. I'm a total sock addict and get antsy if I don't have a pair on the needles!

    The world's longest scarf looks like such a fun fundraiser :D


  4. all this soctober talk has me ready to finish my "monkey" socks (cookie a.- knitty) that have been on hold on my needles for too long..if only i had some nice new addi turbos instead!!!

  5. Yay! Rachel-Marie sent me! I have a sad sock story and need incentive to try again. I made ONE sock, my first lovely little sock, and when I was just past the cuff of the second sock, I dropped my knitting, stepped on it and BROKE all my sock needles in half! I still only have ONE socks and am so down to try magic loop after destorying all my dpns!!! Oh yeah, and don't knit socks while walking and talking at the same time. :(

  6. I've only ever knitted 4 pairs of socks and they never seem to fit me right...and haven't tried in the past year...maybe socktober will inspire me to try again!

    Can't wait to visit your new shop.

  7. Oh, I absolutely love knitting and wearing hand knit socks! I knit my first pair almost ten years ago while working at a historic site and haven't looked back since. The colors of Rachel-Marie's yarn would be a perfect way to warm up a cold winter in the Canadian Rockies!

  8. Fantastically excited to see Rachel Marie's sock yarn - and even more excited to see everyone get giddy for Socktober!

    I am still working on a sock that was a present for last Christmas - can't wait to finish so I can start a new pair for myself!!!

    Wish I were closer to PA so I could come in and hang with you ladies on the porch - we will make it down there one day!

    p.s Shannon - I have totally made the knitting socks and walking mistake - I am pretty sure that is how toesy socks were invented!
    - AA


  9. Ohhhh I'm so lusting after that delicious give-away package. I'm learning the magic look and I'm sure those Addis would be much easier to use than the circs I'm working with! Whomever wins it will be one happy knitter indeed! I think the winner should share pics of the yarn and Addis in action, don't you? LoL

    Oh, and Wendy, I'm still smooshing the lovely 'Pheromone' yarn by knittydirtygirl that I picked up in your shop last week. So far the mohair's not bothering my allergies, so I'm just about ready to start a project with it. Can't wait!

    Happy knitting,
    Destiny_515 ;)

  10. Editing my post above: It should say I'm learning the Magic LOOP, not Look! Ugh darn typos! LoL

  11. I recently finished a pair of socks with Rachel Marie's yarn, like that shown above. So soft and squishy, that I hated to give them away. I'd love another skein to make a pair for me! :) And Wendy, in terms of contacting me, there may not be too many others with my name...

    Ingrid :)

  12. Oh, I have got to get out and visit your shop! It sounds so great. I love knitting socks, especially mystery sock KALs, and I love magic loop. I was a die-hard DPN top-down sock knitter, but ever since I took a magic loop class, I love to knit socks that way and I have been knitting toe-up in several KALs and it's fun too!

    -EtownKnitter (on Ravelry)

  13. Socks? Did you say socks? Everyone needs to knit socks. I prefer toe up but I understand those who feel they need to knit the top down.

    I prefer indie dyed yarns for socks though. When in doubt and for speed, I knit a plain sock with a picot cuff.

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  15. I love knitting socks, but I've never used the magic loop. It'd be fun to try!

    Love Rachel-Marie's yarn!


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  17. Some people view their socks so low
    They make them puppets in a show!
    With googly eyes and clothing funny,
    It makes me sick-upsets my tummy!

    My sympathies are short and sweet;
    My socks are the best thing for my feet.
    They cushion them from early woes,
    And always on my feet they goes!


  18. Beautiful yarn Rachel-Marie, I have started a sock marathon recently..being new to knitting socks. I love this colourway

  19. Pretty yarn! I have participated in Socktober other years. I use dpns, 2 circs and do both top down and toe up but I have yet to do magic loop. This may be the year!!!!

  20. WOW, what an awesome sock yarn~I love those colors, it is just gorgeous. I have never tried knittydirtygirl yarns, but I have been eyeing them up for awhile now. I would love to knit a pair of socks with them. Knitting socks is one of my favorite projects, I love trying new patterns, and techniques all the time, I am getting ready to start learning how to do them toe-up :)

  21. I looked at the socktober give away again and just noticed the size of the Addis. Whew! The smallest I've used so far is a 5. I think I'd better pick up a couple of smaller sets and work my way down to the toothpick size! ;) I'm all thumbs still as it is! LoL

  22. I was thinking knitting socks was oldfashioned! But I really really have to rethink my opinion!!

  23. I really do love Addi needles. The joins are so smooth. I can't wait until Socktober! I'll be making my mother the Christmas socks she's been hinting at.

  24. I really want to try to make socks... this awesome prize would really motivate me!


  25. I never knit socks before but want to knit socks very soon, I think I love it!
    And I can't wait to try magic loop also.
    I love the yarns of Knittydirtygirl!

    Greetings Serajah/wolliesjes

  26. Wish I could come visit you all for a bit of knitting! And thanks for knitting for Poetry Society's Knit A Poem project, it looks like it will be abautifully huge poem in the end.
    The best thing about co-ordinating the whole thing, is that a lovely lady has decided to knit me a pair of socks, as she pitied me for all the admin work involved..

  27. Working on 2nd pair of two at a time socks(this time with a heel). Wanted to say that the Addi Lace circulars I purchased at Lancaster Yarn Shop are even pointer and make the knitting easier. Want to try toe up next. Will have to find a new book. Wendy if I win the wonderful basket please email me:

  28. I love knitting socks & I love Rachel-Marie's yarn... so what would be better than knitting socks with Rachel-Marie's yarn?!?!!

  29. I haven't yet knit socks, but I think I'm ready. It's time to move beyond scarves and shawls!

  30. Love your yarn colorway! Socks are a challenge 4 me, hope to overcome that sooner than later. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  31. What a beautiful set! I have become the sock knitter of the family, so I can always use more yarn. :P

  32. I love me some sock knitting!...Just finished one with Crystal Palace Panda Cotton and will cast on the twin tonight! I'd love to cast on some with some contest yarn. ;-)

  33. I love knitting socks (and am not waiting for October, although I'm looking forward to that too).

  34. Im currently knitting my daughter some cozy socks for winter. That yarn is beautiful!

  35. I just finished some Monkey Socks, and I'm starting a pair of flip-flop socks for my boyfriend. I love looking at sock yarns, and Rachel-Marie's is no exception! (I got here from her blog.)

  36. Love the yarn and would make socks for my daughter but which one will be the lucky one!

  37. The yarn is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Now..If I could just stay away from reading the new series of books that Rachel-Marie's post on her blog turned me on to I might be able to actually get some knitting of socks done.!!! "Bill" has me Hooked....

  38. Beautiful yarn! Can't wait to restart knitting! I would love to make socks for my kids because they like unique things especially if mom makes them!

  39. Came here from Rachel-Maries Knitty Dirty Girl blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Just started a pair of socks for my 8yos in Noro Kureyon and quite disappointed, the skein had 2 knots, and not cheap either. Short-rowed the toes separately, now I am gonna stick them on 2 circs and try that... though I have no idea what I am doing. LOVE indie hand dyed yarns.

    jesus_iscomin @ yahoo dot com & at twitter
    My7kids Recycled Yarns
    Heartfeltfun Recycled Felted & Handknit items

  40. Magic loop is so much fun for everything else... I can't wait to try it on socks!
    Andrea in Argentina (AndreaB on Ravelry)

  41. I DO love to knit socks using Magic Loop. I have not tried the Knitty Dirty Girl yarn yet, so that would be fun. :o)
    mama2russians at gmail dot com

  42. What a great prize. Please enter me in the contest for the winnings! I found you at and am so glad. I was not aware of a shop in my area. Well you are about a 45 minute drive for me but I will be there for the sit & knit soon.
    Where are you meeting now? I see there must have been a change of venue. Hope to see you all soon.~ ~Ahrisha~ ~